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Virus protection and E-mail hoaxes, myths and on-line security and firewalls
Web browsers, E-mail clients and on-line helpers
Text, Graphics and image editors and PDF and post script processing
File utilities
Time management, projects, databases and business
Hobbies, puzzles, crosswords and music
Odds and ends
Linux and PC alternatives to Micro$oft
Reviews and on-line software purchase
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Home Page Publishing This site was created with one goal in mind. To give you the opportunity to "try out" some of the best php/mysql based free and open source software systems in the world. You are welcome to try out being the administrator of any site here, allowing you to decide which system best suits your need

Kronolith 2.1 is a web-based calendar that supports shared calendars, alarms, recurring events, and a simple interface that one can run the Apache webserver with PHP support 

Alertbox: Current Issues in Web Usability - Loads of ways to improve your website

WinSCP 3.7.6 [1.68 MB]  Windows (Open Source) Secure FTP program. A plain vanilla FTP (file transfer protocol) session is not secure. That's because your userid and password are sent in the clear (without any encryption) to the remote server when you log in. Further, the contents of the files you are transferring are sent unencrypted as well. So there is a chance that someone could intercept your login details or snoop inside the file while it's being transferred over the public Internet. WinSCP uses Secure Shell (SSH) and supports, in addition to Secure FTP, also legacy SCP protocol.

Nvu [6.75 MB] Linux, Mac, Windows (Open Source) WYSIWYG editing of web pages, making web creation as easy as typing a letter with your word processor. Integrated file management via FTP. Simply login to your web site and navigate through your files, editing web pages on the fly, directly from your site. Reliable HTML code creation that will work with all of today's most popular browsers. Jump between WYSIWYG Editing Mode and HTML using tabs. Tabbed editing to make working on multiple pages a snap. Powerful support for forms, tables, and templates. The easiest-to-use, most powerful Web Authoring System available for Desktop Linux, Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh users.

Metadot Portal Server 6.4b6 (open source) [All operating systems] Non-technical people can create rather powerful websites and portals through a number of clicks with the mouse. Some of the elements that users can add to these website or portals include calendars, polls, a FAQ section, discussion forums, and a number of other helpful features

MereSurfer 2003  8.009 W95 and later (Free)  Includes a pop-up ad stopper, a tracks-eraser and an ad-remover to webbrowsers,

LinkStatus 0.1.1 Windows (Open Source) - Check for broken or non functioning links within websites.  Search by depth or domain

1st Page 2000 v2.0 [5.2MB] W9x/NT FREE reviewer totally blown away with how extensive this freeware HTML editor is - users particularly like the way it keeps HTML bloat to the minimum 

HTML-Kit Build 292 (Free but additional plug-ins can be purchased) Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4, 2000 and XP Download Size: 3.1 MB - a fully equipped coding and editing toolbox that can hold its own against HTML editors three times its size

This service (from Delorie software) allows web authors to see what their pages will look like (sort of) to a search engine. This service ignores the META tags that some search engines honour.  Helps make sure you haven't blocked the search engines with your frames layout.

META Tag Analyzer:  The BIGGEST mistake submitter's make is submitting a Web page that is not search engine friendly 

Search terms suggestion Web resource, lists search terms including a keyword or keywords you enter done recently

Xlogan v1.0 [2.0] W98/2k/XP FREE {Analyze log files} view visitors, referrers, search engines, browsers, files, country, and the raw log. The search engine page shows you a list of the keywords visitors have used

Web-Site Optimizer free web page analyzer - give it the URL and get back various useful statistics. The site then makes recommendations for improving the page performance.

HTML Builder XP v5.0 LITE [9.1M] W9x/2k/XP FREE development environment for HTML. Some of the features include HTML Syntax Highlighting, Instant Tag Property Editing (e.g., Delphi & Visual Basic), Tag Insight Drop Down Helper Lists (e.g., MSVC++), Automatic Tag Completion, ... and much more. Integrated help files, webmaster resources and reference manuals covering HTML 4.0 and CSS.

DHE Editor v1.0.0.280 [1.8M] W9x/2k/XP FREE {HTML editor} A WYSIWYG editor, probably falls between FrontPage and Dreamweaver in terms of complexity

MonitorCentral v2.15 and MetaValidator v2.15 W9x/2k/XP FREE {Diagnose a Web page} The two Java-based applications check for Section 508 violations, WC3 standards compliance, Meta Tag content validation, broken links, spelling errors, and out-of-date pages

Abyss Web Server v1.1.5 [133k] W9x/2k/XP FREE {Personal Web server} Running a Web server isn't just for hosting a Web site on a computer. It's a great tool for learning .asp, .php, and .cgi scripting. Apache is one of the more widely used free Web server applications, but it's complicated and not easy to learn without some help. Furthermore, it does .php, but not .asp. Microsoft's IIS is another tool, and you can install it to learn .asp, but not .php. Abyss Web Server can support .asp, .php, and PERL after downloading additional free software.. The application is small by server standards, and doesn't hog the memory. Those who have yet to make the move into managing a Web server may find this a good place to start before trying the bigger and fancier apps. 

IndigoPerl v2003.02 [18.9M] W9x/2k/XP FREE {Binary build of Apache, Perl, and PHP} Write Perl and PHP scripts using IndigoPerl, which comes with an integrated, pre-configured Apache. The MySQL module is also included. This is a quick and easy way to get started in writing scripts with Perl/CGI. It doesn't even use the Windows Registry.

MdbToMySQL XPv0.9 [Earlier version was on this link] Windows FREE {Migrate to MySQL} This is a utility for programmers who want to migrate a Microsoft Access database into MySQL. It reads an MDB file and dumps out a text file containing MySQL strings for building and filling the database

Dev-PHP v1.9.4 [754k] W9x/2k/XP FREE {PHP Integrated development environment} To get started with PHP, go to the official site at

Bruce Clay, LLC: Search Engine Optimization [.pdf] contains detailed instructions about how to achieve and maintain a high rank. A series of eleven steps are outlined.

EGG - Easy Gallery Generator v2.1 [728k] W9x/2k/XP FREE allows you to create photo galleries of your images that can be used for publishing on the Web. It creates small thumbnail images that are linked to the full-size image. The program provides you with an instant preview of your page layout, allows you to re-arrange images, add comments, and more. The gallery page can be customized as well as the size of the thumbnail images

Open Database Project  registering your site is easy - you just click down to the appropriate classification and then go through the URL submission process. If you submit to the Open Database it will eventually appear in all the clone databases that use it as source information

Postcast Server v2.2.0 [11.6M] W9x/2k/XP FREE {SMTP server} send out your newsletter or e-mailings without making your ISP mad, you can send 20 e- mails simultaneously, and it can send out 3,500 messages per hour

CSS Code Assembler v1.0 [248k] W9x/2k/XP FREE {Create cascading style sheets} download the CSS Code Assembler to run from your computer or just run it from the Web site, as it is HTML- and Java-based.

JAlbum 2.0 Web Photo Album Generator freeware - also creates thumbnails of the images on an index page- supports many popular image and Web video formats, and can also create a slide show

BTexact Technologies: Web Site Design topics addressed include site navigation, page design, graphics and multimedia, and user input

Web Album Generator v1.0.1 [835k] W9x/2k/XP FREE {Create Web albums} For the more advanced Web designer, Web Album Generator creates its Web album to fully conform to the XHTML 1.0 strict and CSS 2.0 standards

Technobuff a good starting point for people learning about Web development. It has introductory tutorials, tips, and software for programming in Java and HTML. The Java Start Kit is particularly useful for novice programmers

BRS WebWeaver v0.69 [819k] W9x/2k/XP FREE a fairly robust Web Server with built-in FTP Server; Basic ISAPI support (Microsoft Internet Server API); CGI/1.1 support; Multi-threaded; Basic user authentication; IP address based security; URL based security (Realms); Alias support; SSI Support (Server Side Includes)

HTML Gallery Maker v3.3 [2.5M] W9x/2k/XP FREE {Make a gallery}Supportes: JPEG, GIF, BMP, TGA, TIFF, PIC, PNG; automatic generation of 'Main Index' and 'Local Index' pages; absolute and relative addressing; button and text navigation; automatic renaming of images and thumbnails

CSShark the CSS Know-How Site answers some of those frequently asked questions regarding Cascading Style Sheets and explains some of the basics of CSS, provides tips and tricks for tackling the problems with Netscape 4, offers a tutorial concerning positioning, web design without tables

Movable Type Version 2.0  is a Web-based personal publishing system designed to ease the maintenance of regularly updated news or journal sites. Most importantly, this product runs on your own Web server, allowing complete control over your sites and permitting visitors to post comments on entries and engage in conversations with its built-in comment system.  It is free for personal or non-profit use; however, there is a fee for commercial or for-profit sites.

IE Booster a freeware set of web browser extensions for IE 5 and upwards shows lists of all forms and applets, all hyperlinks, all images, style sheets, image information and many copy options all on a right click menu

PUT AN ANNOYING CLOCK ON YOUR WEBSITE! a text-based clock face that displays the current time and even has a ticking second hand.  Through the wonders of Javascript, it follows your cursor around the screen, dismembering and re-assembling itself in spectacular form.

AAScripter v2.0 [2.5M] W98/2k/XP FREE  {Scripts for Webmasters}over 200 scripts with info and copy and paste for the code

Advanced CSS Layouts: Step by Step tutorial on how to create WebReference table-like layouts

Web Publishing Curriculum covers many of the latest standards, including HTML 4.01 and Cascading Style Sheets for novice Web users

The HTML Reference Library v4.0 - HTML Validation & Related Tools

The best HTML validation tools on a single page.  One of the best, free, online HTML validators
is  Of course, validating your pages' code is just the first step. Most
good Web designers also check their pages' accessibility, ensuring
that their pages can be used by everyone. The 800 pound gorilla in
accessibility validation is WatchFire's Bobby   

Add a search to your site - FusionBot has the simplest approach I have yet seen and the free version has minimal advertising at present

AccessFP: Front Page Resource Center 

FrontPage Users Forum  is for people to ask and answer questions around FrontPage (and other web topics) in a friendly manner.

To keep track of which search engines have added your site (and where your site "ranks" on important kewyord searches), use our free service Rank This < >!

do's and don'ts of building a web site v2.21 [206k] FREE Copy URL, Copy Link , and Copy Name [copies the URL/title to the clipboard]

World Wide Web Broadcaster The World Wide Web Broadcaster is a totally *FREE* service that enables you to submit your Web page addresses to over 235 search engines at once

Site Meter - Counter and Statistics Tracker

SmartFTP a FREE full featured FTP client with an easy-to-use, Explorer-style interface, allows users to open multiple connections to servers Styling itself "the largest directory of Web building resources on the internet," this gateway offers links to over 3,000 resources for Web page developers of all skill levels

ScriptWorx v4.12.0 [2.6M] W9x/NT/2k FREE Top performing HTML editor

BlackWidow v4.1 (shareware) a powerful Website scanning tool and an offline browser, displaying broken links and status of links will be useful

ABC-EDUCA Startpage Creator v0.3 [1.5M] W9x/NT/2k FREE {Create Dynamic HTML from your Favorites} 

Check If Site Is Still Up v1.0.0 [1.6M] W9x/NT/2k FREE {Make sure your server is running} 

Web2FTP{FTP server Web administration} not a bad way to get around those pesky firewalls that try to block your access

HTML Document Conversions GoHTM will "instantly convert your document into HTML (RTF, DOC, PDF etc)

Web Developer's Virtual Library offers original articles and tutorials on Web development technologies and problems

Access FP - FrontPage Resource Centre -- " slanted towards the UK

CNET - Web Authoring - Spotlight on HTML 

W3Schools  e-learning portal offers more than a dozen tutorials relating to Internet development including HTML, XHTML, DHTML, and CSS. The XML section has tutorials in XML, DTDs, XSL, and DOM as well as other developing XML technologies. For the more advanced developer, the site presents
tutorials on JavaScript, ASP, and SQL. All of the tutorials start with information for beginners, but many also have complete reference sections 

Stepzilla v1.07 [800k] W9x/NT/2k FREE {Simple HTML document editor}

Grace Plotting Software graphical interface and publication quality output is available at this site for free

akPi v2.2.0 [638k] W9x/NT/2k FREE {Calculate Pi to 100000 digits}

Keep track of how much traffic your site gets with the simple help of a Bravenet Counter.

TidyGUI v1,1 [144k] W9x/NT/2K FREE {Clean up HTML documents}

WEFT v3.0 Beta 8 [124k] W9x/NT/2k FREE

"What does WEFT do? The Web Embedding Fonts Tool lets Web authors create 'font objects' that are linked to their Web pages so that when an IE user views the pages they'll see them displayed in the font style contained within the font object. It takes all the hard work out of creating font objects and linking them to your Web pages. Point WEFT at your site and it will analyze each page, building an accurate picture of their font usage. The tool will then create compressed font objects containing the required characters. Finally the tool adds code to your pages linking the font objects to them. 

OmniUpdate Update your Web pages from any browser

Bravenet Webmaster Tips and Tricks.

Microsoft WEFT users community

Teach Me HTML v1.5 [305k] W9x/NT/2k FREE HTML tutorials
T2T v2.00 [212k] W9x/NT/2k FREE converts semi-colon or CSV separated files to HTML tables

INotepad v3.1 [2.6M] W9x/NT/2k FREE {Internet-aware text editor} Insert HTML code with a single click, choose from basic or advanced HTML, or import an already existing file.  This is a decent standalone vanilla editor too.

HumanClick v1.0 [1.6M] W9x/NT FREE talk live with users as they visit your pages...
FREE Anonymity & Privacy Tools, Web site counters & trackers etc etc
GIF Wizard - reduces size of downloads - e.g. maps 
Web Ink  (30-day trial version available)
HTML tutorials 
Free HTML editor AOLpress   Servers need to use the HTTP PUT protocol to upload edited page
do's and don'ts of building a web site 
Collection of HTML Articles and Tutorials 
List of all browsers 
Amaya browser (with web editing)  
Web page design tips 
Dynamic HTML Lab 
HTML Converters an enormous list of useful converters !!
HTML Reference Manual 
Introduction to HTML - Table of Contents 
Web Developers Virtual Library 
Submit it! 

Graphics, Clip Art, DVD and Movies houses a free library of the older, simpler, smaller, less-aggressive versions of many popular programs such as Acrobat Reader and media players
Fx Icon Maker v4.5.6 [3.6M] W98/2k/XP FREE {Create icons} Creates 32x32 icons
PixelToolbox v1.1 [3.7M] W98/2k/XP FREE design and create patterns, wallpaper tiles, icons, and cursors for the Windows desktop. It provides a wide array of editing tools, including advanced options like warping, gradients, selective fill, added text, and others. You can create icons of different sizes, starting from 16x16 to 64x64 as well as 1-bit patterns, color patterns, and cursors. Depending on your project, the workspace is automatically customized for the job.
Phoa v1.02a [2.3M] W98/2k/XP FREE is an organizer for all your digital photos. It allows you to organize your pictures into virtual folders, without actually moving the original files. You can create multiple albums with as many folders (categories) as needed and then add keywords and other details and search your album based on any of those criteria.
SwingPix v0.7 [606k] W9x/2k/XP FREE {Organize photos}import digital photographs into albums. For those with hundreds of digital photos with meaningless names thanks to the digital camera's numbering system. 
ArtSee v1.50 [58k] W9x/2k/XP FREE {Slideshow viewer} Runs in the system tray. Select the folder where the JPEG pictures are located, and it'll run a slideshow from the folder. Control the timing between photos. The slideshow can be run as a screensaver.
IMage CATalog v4.0.0.5 [1.7M] W9x/2k/XP FREE a thumbnailing utility that is capable of batch processing directories. It can identify and delete orphan thumbnails, guess image titles from file names, and more
Zero Assumption Digital Image Recovery v1.0 [600k] W98/2k/XP FREE recover images when they've been deleted
DVD Region Free ($39) according to a colleague who has bought it really does "what it says on the box" with no need to do fiddly things to the DVD drive firmware etc.
DVD Master Backup v0.1.1 [1.1M] W9x/2k/XP FREE Make personal backup copies of your DVD movies by transforming them into DivX format to fit on a standard 700MB compact disc
IconArt v1.1 [318k] Win9x/2k/XP {Icon editor} can scale to various common icon sizes
Copying DVDs to a hard drive - one free site is here   but a Google search can turn up many others.
DeadPixelTest v1.0 [191k] W9x/2k/XP FREE {Digital camera utility} Test your digital camera for dead and hot pixels
FusionSoft DVD Player v4.0 [3.4M] W9x/2k/XP FREE  installation seems to be in French, but all the menus are in English... all the normal features of a DVD player program and also support for 5.1 audio, subtitles, repeat, and even screen captures
Making movies? Check out these links compiled by Bob Rankin's Dad the Rev. Bob "Bob" Crispen
Slide Show v0.4b [2.4M] W9x/2k/XP FREE {Make slideshows} gives a choice of setting the slide show program to show images from a particular directory (including sub-directories if you wish) or make a slide show file
Pixel Toolbox v1.1 [3.7M] W9x/2k/XP FREE Make your own Windows icons and pointers or import an image that you already own, and work from there
Netslideshow v1.0 [910k] W9x/2k/XP FREE {Slide show builder} All you have to do is click on an image to see the next one. Supports JPG, GIF, BMP, EMF, and WMF file formats.  It doesn't require the installation of any software on the end-user's machine
Eyetide v1.1.08 [1.8M] W9x/NT/2k FREE create your own screen saver using your own personal pictures
PhotoModeler v3.1a [4.4M] W9x/NT/2k FREE {Make 3D images from 2D graphics}
Futuris Imager v2.01 [1.79M] W9x/NT/2k FREE {Image viewer} also support for TWAIN; a screen capture option; a HEX viewer; and filters
iBrowser Free Image-Viewer a very nice little graphics file viewer that supports over 18 different image formats or try ThumbsPlus by Cerious Software
Here's a viewer not in beta that is free and supports 200 formats. It also ports to several OS   -  here is yet another free image viewer 
P3dO Explorer v1.5 [1.6M] W9x/2k/XP FREE icludes thumbnail view, batch rename, slide show view, and print options
gPhotoShow v1.3.2 [484k] W9x/NT/2k FREE {Slide show screensaver} make any JPG, BMP or GIF files appear on your screen one at a time
A+ Art
Animated Pages! The MicroMovie MiniMultiplex
Clip Art Searcher
Graphics on the Web
The Best Icons Add a refreshing change to your desktop by replacing your icons. This is a free collection of 5000 icons
Icon Bazaar
Network Communication Design
Iris v1.0 [628k] W9x/NT FREE create completely original (and seamless) images to be used as your Desktop or Web page "background
ASCII Pic v1.0 [152k] Converts BMP files to ASCII art W9x/NT FREE
The Clip Art Connection
The Pixel Foundry
Web Graphics Methods

Virus protection and E-mail hoaxes, myths and on-line security, spyware Anti-Spam and firewalls

ShiledsUp (Steve Gibson's site) PC On-line security check. Easily check your system here, and begin learning about using the Internet safely 

Microsoft Antispyware has been renamed "Windows Defender" and the interface has changed. It's still pretty much the same software at its core, but cleaned up, streamlined, and improved.

HPHosts (free, community supported and very up-to-date) hosts file for protection against nasty web sites and user forum {Free online firewall tests}or try Try Symantec Security check to Audit your firewall, do a port scan, or do a privacy test to get immediate results, with information about how to act upon problem areas

SpamNet (Only for those on Outlook 2000/2002/XP with W98/2000/XP) You effectively share a global list of spam addresses and that mail gets dumped in your spam folder. If mail arrives which you consider to be spam you can click on the block button, which is added to your toolbar and it will dump it in the spam folder, it will be added add to your spam list and a vote will be sent to add it to the global list. You can also unblock falsely spammed mail.

SpamPal v1.06 [777k] W9x/2k/XP FREE {Fight spam} check your e-mail against any number of the freely-usable "blocking lists" (DNSBL lists). You control the "whitelist," so you can approve anyone you want to receive e-mail from, regardless of whether they are on a blocking list or not

Mailwasher (FREE but donation requested) -  bounce back unwanted e-mails so it looks as if your email address is not valid and delete unwanted e-mails before you download them and use external spam blacklists

What & why a cookie is

These sites review and compare a number of personal firewall and anti-virus products - some free for personal use   

Ad-Aware 5.83 is a free utility (for Windows 98, 98 SE, NT 4, 2000, ME, and XP) that scans your computer's memory, registry, and hard drives for known spyware

Spybot search and destroy v1.0 ...another similar free program although it tends to over-report, treating some harmless (or nearly so) items as if they were major threats

This web site attempts to list, test and rate the best FREE firewall products for Windows

AVG Anti-Virus - Free Download Page (For the UK only)

AntiVir Free Anti-Virus Software  The resident Virus Guard serves to monitor file movements automatically, e.g. downloading of data from the Internet

PCFlank offer a three-minute "Quick Test" for your online security; a "Stealth Test" to see if commonly-exploited "ports" might be exposing your PC to outside snoops; a "Browser Test" to see what personal info your browser may reveal; a "Trojan Test" to see if your system has been infected with many of the more common Trojan horse programs; and "Advanced Port Scanner" to look for less-common (but still potentially dangerous) open ports on your system; and an "Exploits" test that looks for vulnerabilities to things such as denial-of-service attacks.

Break the Chain: Stop Junk E-Mail and Misinformation - offers some good guidelines for e-mail etiquette and how to research chain letters. It also has a searchable database of over 300 chain letters and hoaxes currently in circulation. A fun part of the site is the Yanking the Chain Awards, which is a monthly award given out to a particularly effective (and usually humorous) response to junk e-mail.

ASS Maker v3.1 [284k] W9x/2k/XP FREE writes a JavaScript for you that can be copied and pasted into your code in the place of 'mailto' tags. It disguises the tags so spammer bots and spiders can't the address but users can still click on it to send mail

You can get harmless emails sent you that will reveal if you do have an email security problem.

Check out this recent list of sites for checking possible Hoax emails from Fred Langa

VCatch v3.7 [300k] W9x/2k/XP FREE Virus protection tool} can detect viruses that come through e-mail, ICQ, or file sharing programs

SpywareInfo - Fight those spies provides links to related articles and information so that your system can stay free and clean

PowerCrypt 2000 v4.3 [1.7M] W9x/2k/XP FREE {File encryption} can encode multiple files at one time, manage archives, compress data, and create packages with multiple encrypted files.  Can encodes file names too

Iron Key v1.3 [1.0M] W9x/2k/XP FREE {Encrypt quickly} recipient must enter a special password to open whatever file you send them, but they won't need any extra software to do it.  Just drag and drop your files and they'll be encrypted. It can delete files after encryption with the integrated file shredder.

ANTS v2.0 [1.2M] W9x/2k/XP FREE {Scan for trojans}lets you monitor connection and application activity on your system

Winsecure-IT v5.31 [611k] W9x FREE {Secure your non-NT system}stops other people from using your system while you're away

Use that old PC to run a Linux firewall package SmoothWall  The release version is due out on Aug 27th. 2001

AbcKeylogger [354k] W9x/NT/2k FREE {Record keystrokes secretly} It can automatically start logging when your computer starts and runs hidden in the background. One of ABC Keylogger's special features is that it can optionally capture only keystrokes that take place when a certain keyword is detected, either as a Window title or typed. In addition, to logging keystrokes, the program can also take screenshots of the desktop, so you can see exactly what was done while you were gone. Screenshot capture can also be triggered by keywords or performed on a regular schedule. ABC Keylogger provides a built-in log viewing utility that can be launched by typing a secret password anywhere in Windows. 

BlazingTools Perfect Keylogger Lite v1.0 [171k] W98/2k/XP FREE (lite version only) Provides an easy-to-read log viewer that allows you to select a day from a calendar and view the logged keystrokes for that particular day. You can also search the log and limit logging to specific programs or windows (e.g., web browser, e-mail, etc.) and use stealth mode.

Cleaner v1.0 [150k] W9x/NT/2k FREE securely deletes files. Also available: an archiver with strong-security based on open key technology 

TrendMicro give clear instructions for dealing with malware, as well as a Web-based scan tool. Their free tools include a live, online anti-virus scan, and a tool to scan for malicious code in Outlook email and attachments. Their commercial products also have a 30-day free trial, which is nice.

Test Your Email Defenses - e-mail yourself a VBS file to test how well your system is protected against malicious scripts

AV-Test {Test your anti-virus software}make sure you're running the best anti-virus software, see what the testers at this site have to say about it

Cryptext v3.40 [201k] W9x/2k/XP FREE Each block is read, encrypted, and then written back to disk to completely overwrite the original

Hide In Picture v2.0 [366k] W9x/NT/2k FREE {Hide data in a picture}  The whole works is also password protected

These sites  maintain lists of all known spyware.                                    
... and many others:

Sneakemail, a free service that you can use to generate disposable email addresses to avoid spammers.

Don't post your email address (in plain text) on your website. For information on how to encode your address and hide from Spambots (programs that extract email addresses from web pages) look here:  

WinGuard v1.1 [21k] W9x FREE  Your password locks and unlocks a faux desktop, even disables the CTRL-ALT-DEL function

"Disappearing Ink" For Emails a form of automatic public encryption: Sender composes HTML mail (it won't work on plain text) and the software embeds a link to the centrally-stored key and decoding software. The key allows the message to be decoded automatically

Hide Folder Contents From Prying Eyes (Free) performs on-the-fly encryption. You just put your confidential files in a single folder and point-and-click. You don't have to think about security or remember anything except your password. W 95/98/ME and NT/2K compatible

A similar program Scramdisk v3.01R3c [187k] W9x FREE creates an encrypted Virtual Disk of a size you specify on your hard drive. After entering a passphrase, the drive is mounted and then can be used as a normal drive. Files, Folders and even your E-mail directory can be saved and retrieved from this

Spychecker is a public database, currently with close to 1,000 listings of "Spyware" programs that are advertiser supported and track and send certain data and statistics via a server installed on the user's PC. It uses a simple keyword search engine, and returns list the ad company involved

AVG Anti-Virus System v6.0 [4.8M] W9x/NT/2k FREE {Live virus protection} scan E-mail messages or attachments too

PC On-line virus checker (free) from Trend

Counterpane Labs:  Password Safe (free) copy a password just by double clicking and pasting it directly into your application

CSPassword v6.0 [916k] W9x/NT/2k FREE {Password manager} a safe place to keep all of your passwords and account information

MailExpire - be assigned an e-mail address which won't live longer than a month

MyID v1.1.40 [873k] W9x/NT/2k FREE {Keep your passwords safe}you enter a PIN number, the longer the PIN, the better the encryption

SpamMotel {Junk e-mail jail} actually lets you find out where the spammer got your address, and lets you block him / her with a single mouse click.

BrightMail FREE anti-spam, anti-virus program acts as a filter between your computer and your e-mail server. Email sent to you that's genuine spam or a known virus never reaches your inbox.  You can always check what's in your spam box anytime you want.

Spytech Integrity Check v1.03 [424k] W9x/NT/2k FREE quickly check possible security weaknesses on your PC

HyperSend {Secure Internet file delivery} You can forward spam you receive, it generates an e-mail to report the spammer to the spammer's ISP

Freedom is a suite of free tools including a Firewall,  an Ad Manager, and a "Keyword Alert" that  watches your credit card # transmitting 

eSafe Desktop v2.2 b24 [10.0M] W9x/NT FREE snares malicious vandals before they can cause irreparable damage or access confidential information on a user's machine

Email Scanner v1.0 [132k] W9x/NT FREE scans through emails and extracts all the email addresses found within

SpyChecker {Find spyware before it finds you} be aware of adware that installs additional tracking software onto your PC

Combatting SPAM adr1 adr2 adr3 adr4 adr5 adr6 

FireEyes v1.0 [571k] W9x FREE it allows you to "watch" your ports (and alerts you when they are connected to)

spIE v1.0 [643k] W9x/NT FREE remains completely invisible and log every Web site visited

MailCleaner v2.6 [818k] W9x/NT/2k FREE {Kill e-mail viruses} Outlook (and Outlook Express) users can use this filter to detect e-mails containing viruses.MailCleaner will automatically delete deadly messages, and it runs alongside other anti-virus programs. With automatic updates every day

ZoneAlarm v1.8 [1.2M]W9x/NT FREE make being connected safer:

MailCleaner an add-on program that works in conjunction with standard AV programs to scan incoming email 

eSafe is also a free Pro-Active anti-virus tool.

F-Prot. is a true DOS AV program and can be run from floppy boot disks

Housecall is a free web-based AV program

InoculateIT AntiVirus v4.5.0 [2.2M] W9x/NT FREE

Spammer Slammer (WIN) FREE An easy to use anti-spam program

CyberCop site lets you share your experiences, abuses, gripes, or report suspicious activity on the Net  Users can search five of the most well-known sites dedicated to setting the record straight: Snopes Urban Legends Archive, Urban Legends search, CIAC Hoax Database, CERT Computer Security Database, and Symantec (Real) Virus Encyclopedia. 

Symantec Anti Virus Research Center   McAfee Associates Virus Hoax List    Department of Energy Computer Incident Advisory Capability    
The Urban Legends Web Site    Urban Legends Reference Pages    Datafellows Hoax Warnings   
How To Evaluate Internet Research Sources    How To Evaluate Information Sources    

Computer viruses (myths) may have now followed Rob Rosenberger to the second URL

CIAC Internet Hoaxes Page

CIAC Virus Database

Published by Kasperskey Lab - claims to be the biggest visus encyclopedia Truth about Computer Security Hysteria. Serves as a reference to refute virus hoaxes and, more generally, to eliminate widespread hysteria by educating the unaware

Symantic Virus Hoaxes

Search for known "Urban Legends" Before you forward ANYTHING to your friends via email, go and make sure what you are sending is true.  Chances are it isn't, and chances are Barbara and David Mikkelson have written a wonderful, in-depth article telling you exactly why it isn't.

David Emery's archive of current Net hoaxes also, 

NAI which is now what McAfee is called. It has real news about REAL viruses (not the urban legend variety)

Computer Incident Advisory Capability at the US Department of Energy - computer virus myths

Gain free access to: VirusScan Online, UnInstaller QuickClean, 2000 ToolBox Online, and the First Aid Advisor

SYGATE is a freepersonal firewall, meanwhile, ZoneAlarm remains a proven and free (for personal use) alternative at 

Tiny Firewall is now free, and business users may evaluate it for free.

Electronic Privacy Information Center 
Privacy Companion v1.01 [1.6] W9x/NT/2k FREE {Find out who's watching you - control cookies}

Script Sentry  131KB free, checks for malicious Windows Scripting Host scripts, hidden SHS/SHB extensions, HTA files, REG files,  macros. 

Web browsers, E-mail clients and on-line helpers

BitTorrent provides downloaders with a way of helping each other - users cooperate in the distribution by exchanging bits of the same file being downloaded and so take some of the load off the server of the original file
Fresh Download 7.20  (free) [ W95 and later versions]  -serves as an easy to use download manager, allowing users to monitor the progress of such activities (A number of software programs are also available at no charge at this site)
Download Accelerator Plus 7 [Windows Operating System incl 95]
Mozilla Firebird is a free, open-source and cross-platform web browser for Windows, Linux, MacOS X and other operating systems. It is small, fast and easy to use, and offers many advantages over other web browsers, such as the tabbed browsing and the ability to block pop-up windows. Runs OK even on a 266MHz PC that only has 64M of RAM
Outlook Express can't handle TNEF-encoded attachments from an Outlook user possibly when the user pastes a file in rather than attaching it. If you can't get the message sent again, you can decode it with a program called FENTUN (you have to save the message as a text file first). Incidentally, once you have the file saved you  may find that WinZip can decode it, but not if it's TNEF
makeashorterlink Handy system for sharing very long links with others
Disposable E-mail {Create disposable e-mails} Create an e-mail account that is good for 24 hours, 48 hours, 4 days, 6 days, or 8 days
Avant Browser 8.02.106 (free) [Windows 98 and higher] versatile multi-window browser includes a flash-animation filter, a built in pop-up stopper, a built in Google search engine
GetFileSize v1.0 [452k] W98/2k/XP FREE an Internet Explorer add-on that allows you to find out the size of a file before downloading it. Just right-click on the link to a file and select "Get File Size" from the menu; the program will immediately show you the size of the file in a small pop-up dialog.
Mail Box Dispatcher v1.00 and v1.1 Beta [533k] W98/2k/XP donationware allows you to control incoming e-mail messages on server side, before downloading them to your e-mail program. It acts as a simple, hands-on spam filter and allows you to specify criteria (from, subject, text, etc.) to select unwanted messages and then delete them. The program can also download a specified number of lines, allowing you to quickly preview part or all of the message. Safe to use without risking to lose an important message
Two other programs, both free, are Magic Mail Monitor  and PopTray . Spam filtering works on rules. They also allow unwanted mail to be deleted from the server. Both have a preview facility
Personal E-mail Certificate A Thawte Personal Email Certificate allows you to digitally sign and encrypt your emails absolutely FREE {Sign and encrypt e-mails} The process of getting a Personal E-mail Certificate takes about 30 minutes including registration.  The certificate is used to secure e-mail with a digital signature, encrypt e-mail to prevent others from reading it, and authenticate a browser to a Web server. When you request a certificate, a private key is generated and stored in your browser. A certificate request file is made from this private key and automatically sent to Thawte, which issues a certificate to you. Download the certificate, which is installed in your Web browser. The last step in this process was the confusing part; you have to go back into your account and look up the certificate status. If it's "issued," then you can click on it and scroll down to "Fetch" it.
Browser Hijack Blaster v1.0 [393k] W98/2k/XP FREE  useful site for PC security too. Browser Hijack Blaster protects your system from browser hijackers and spyware that alters your Internet Explorer settings. It runs in the system tray and silently monitors the settings for IE Homepage, IE Default Page, IE Search Page, and BHOs (Browser Helper Objects). If any of these settings are changed, it will intercept and warn you, giving you the option to undo the changes.
FindMX v1.0 [180k] W98/2k/XP FREE {Mail exchange server record finder} An MX record is the mail exchange server of each domain name. When you send e-mail, two SMTP servers connect together. Usually your ISP's SMTP can send e-mail to any recipient and accept from any sender within the network, but the recipient's SMTP will receive only the e-mail that's sent to their domain. You can send e-mail by connecting directly to the recipient's SMTP by using the MX record. Enter the domain name and the program provides the preferred SMTP port number and exchange.
Avant Browser 8.01  FREE (donations accepted) If you have ever used Opera before then you will notice the similarities right away, for those that haven't used a tabbed browser before, you are in for a treat. Avant Browser incorporates Microsoft Internet Explorer into a tabbed Web browser, making it not only fast but also compatible with most Web sites and all Internet plug-ins.
MereSurfer 2003 3.0 [Windows 95 and above] Stops pop-up ads, along with erasing tracks of Internet activity while browsing the Web. Designed to work with Internet Explorer 5.0 (or higher), MereSurfer acts as a browser extension, and along with stopping pop-up ads, removes all cookies, cache files, and typed URLs.
Group Mail Free 3.4.145 (Windows 95 and higher) This free version of the Group Mail application lets users send email to groups of up to 100 recipients at a time
beware ircd v1.4.0 [131k] W9x/2k/XP FREE {IRC Windows server} Run an IRC server for communications via the Internet or LAN for school, help desk support, meetings, chatting on a Web site, or testing scripts
MyIE2 Online v0.7.829 beta [657k] W9x/2k/XP FREE {Internet Explorer multi-page browser} Have only one window open for multiple Web pages instead of one Window per Web page. The MyIE2 interface is similar to the Internet Explorer interface and adds the opened Web sites just beneath the address box. It also comes with its own 
options separate from IE's where you can select options for filtering popups, windows, favorites, tab appearance, and plug-ins. It also adds a few more system icons such as auto- scrolling, undo, and utility manager. There are two "x" icons, one for closing the current window and the other for closing all windows
SlimBrowser 3.45 (Windows 95 and above) multiple-site browser based on a tab-page interface. Some of its many features include built-in Web page translation, a pop-up ad removal interface (with the option to recall windows blocked accidentally), and an automated form for filling out Web forms. Additionally, SlimBrowser has the capability to open a number of sites at the same time and the ability to hide sites
Fresh Download 5.3  includes the ability to pause and resume broken downloads; the ability to use four simultaneous connections; and integration into Web browsers
AnalogX FastCache v1.0 [175k] W9x/2k/XP FREE  Speed up your Internet connection by caching DNS requests. FastCache caches the results for a configurable number of days
Mahogany v0.64 [3.8M] W9x/2k/XP FREE  {Mail/news client} Cross-platform mail and news client. It supports many Internet protocols and standards and also supports MIME and many common Unix mailbox formats. Because of its cross-platform capability, you can access your e-mail from all of the various machines that you use. Built-in filters, message templates, multiple identities, a built-in HTML viewer, X-Face support
Sylpheed-Claws v0.8.5 [4.2M] W9x/2k/XP FREE {E-mail client}a more powerful e-mail client than Outlook Express that supports POP3, IMAP, and NNTP message formats.  A lot of the same features you have with Outlook, such as multiple identities and SSL. Address book import and export.
Zoe v0.2.6 [2.6M] W2k FREE acts as an e-mail client or an e-mail server - you need is to have the latest Java runtimes installed
Other free email clients: Calypso  Mutt     Eudora Lite Version 3.0.6    Kaufman Mail Warrior      Pegasus Mail    Pimmy and  Popcorn and another mail/news client Noworyta  and not forgetting....
"i.scribe" (Tiny E-mail Client) (500K/easily fits on a floppy), doesn't need to be formally installed, so no DLLs need to be registered
POP3 mailbox scanner downloads just the headers from a POP3 mailbox displaying the size, the sender, etc.
POP Peeper v2.1 [532k] W9x/2k/XP FREE {POP e-mail checker} a mailbox icon in the system tray lets you know when you have a new message (you can also set the interval at which POP Peeper checks your messages), also has support for HTML format emails
AMEOL is really designed for users of the CIX dial up network but it can be configured to pick up mail from non CIX accounts and is reputedly less prone to virus attacks than MS Outlook and Oulook express  is an online facility to view your emails from anywhere in the world.  After entering your email address and password it lists the mails on your usual ISP
Foxmail is recommend in alt.freeware,
If your ISP supports it, use IMAP mail protocol this allows you to see the size of messages before you download them.  If you have to use POP3, then there are a few utilities which will help such as nPOP below or MailMaint 
nPOP v0.9.5 [82k] W9x/2k/XP FREE {Small POP3 client} check just the subjects then choose which to download,  sends  too 
RIP Popup Blocker 3.1 [Windows Me, NT, 2000, XP, and 2003] allows users to customize various notification sounds that play when a site is blocked, and also lets users add or remove sites to an override list
Popup Manager v1.0.0.5 [176k] Win9x/2k/XP FREE/DONATIONS {Stop popups} some Web sites DO use popups for legitimate reasons so this allows you to see the address and title of the popup that's blocked. If you want to check out the popup window, then click on the Explorer icon and it'll open. Popups that you launch by your own actions in Internet Explorer aren't blocked
Pop-Down v1.0.3 [8k] W9x/2k/XP FREE {Stop popup ads}lets you stop ANY extra IE windows from opening up. All you have to do is tell Pop-Down how many IE windows are allowed.
PopupBuster protects users from all unwanted pop-up and pop-under windows. Additionally, clicking on a link opens a new window if it is designed to do so, and this link will also be free from pop- ups. PopUpBuster is not invasive and can be overridden by clicking the shift or control keys.
Trillian 0.73 Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP allows users to simultaneously connect with five Internet chat engines: Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, ICQ, mIRC, and AIM. Free for noncommercial use
WebWasher is free for non-commercial (home) users - automatically blocks unwanted Web content like banner ads and pop-up windows
InjectURL v2.17 [570k] W9x/2k/XP FREE will insert the current Web address into a saved HTML document automatically
Free Surfer MK II v2.0.204 [1.6M] W9x/2k/XP FREE {Destroy all pop-ups} Keeps track of all stopped pop-ups and shows the URLs; Panic button stops all browsers and pop-ups; create rules and enable pop-ups on wanted sites.  Low CPU cycles consumption until it's needed.
AnalogX POW - FREE  Highly-Recommended Popup-Stopper will remember user selected sites and automatically eliminate their popups, but only if you select them for permanent exile
MicroSurfer 2.0  95/98/2000/NT/Me/XP free for individual personal use - enables faster Internet surfing - requires Internet Explorer 4 or higher
yEnc32 v0.0.3 Beta [335k] W9x/2k/XP FREE  is a Win32 implementation of the yEnc binary encoding system, which is primarily used in Usenet newsgroup posts. The yEnc format itself is an excellent alternative to UUencode and Base64. yEncoded messages are up to 40% smaller 
SwitchEmail: Free Email Forwarding.  Users do not have to keep old email accounts active or open, reveal their password, or have an email address with SwitchEmail
EmC v5.0 [2.4M] W9x/2k FREE "anti-spam tool" it can delete certain kinds of messages automatically (or wait until you give the go ahead). "In addition, you can check your mail for any script based viruses or other hazards before downloading it to your computer. New filters can be easily added 
Spam Weasel FREE fully configurable Email spam filtering utility
Gphone v1.50e [1.5M] W9x/2k/XP FREE  In order for you to start using GPhone, you need to register
Free Email Previewer/Screener if you installed the crippling Outlook 2000 security patch which disallows receiving certain types of files
K-Meleon 0.6 [Windows 95/98/2000/ME/NT/XP[3.9M]  a simple, fast browser based on gecko, the Mozilla rendering engine without bells and whistles Nonetheless, it does allow users to import bookmarks and favorites, control cookies, and (happily block pop-up and pop-under windows, among others)
Browser Tune  checks your browser subsystems (e.g. for Java support) and for tuning browsers and connection speed.
MailWasher v1.17 [1.5M] W9x/2k FREE- you can bounce messages back to junkmailers, making them believe your perfectly-valid e-mail address isn't so valid. Will also let you know the status of each e-mail; they can then be deleted on the server before you download them
Twigger, a web based POP3 E-mail collection service
Check your POP3 accounts before you spend ages downloading any unwanted monster attachment
Pop-Up Stopper v2.4 [363k] W9x/2k FREE {Kill them pop-ups}sits in the system tray and quietly gets rid of those sinister (unsolicited) browser windows
Calypso Email v3.30 [4.3M] W9x/2k FREE {Alternative mail client} all the usual facilities and it lets you create an autoresponder 
Many companies offer email reflector services, with Topica  which is one of the free ones you can choose how much advertising but the minimum is a small ad for their services at the bottom of each message
Karen's WhoIs: can locate the current information about the owner of any domain directing the requst to the relevant WhoIs server
MyWebServer v1.0 [240k] W9x/NT/2k FREE publishes web pages that can be accessed by any web browser on the Internet but the web sites published by MyWebServer are located on your own computer. Your personal web site can include text, graphics, and anything else you want to share. 
A free site that lets you check your POP3 email account from any Web-enabled computer in the world.  Read or delete messages before downloading them
Popcorn v1.04 [88k] W9x/NT/2k FREE{E-mail on the move} a light POP3/SMTP e-mail client that'll hook you up to a POP3 server directly
Badger v2.0 [1.5M] W9x/NT/2k FREE {Download multiple files avoiding adaware Godzilla}You can even post "badgerscripts" on your Web site to distribute these packages. If you tend to download files on a regular basis, you'll want to put this application to use.
NeoTrace For Free graphically tracing websites and IP addresses viewing a world map with the results and the network information of the destination
DLExpert (Download Expert) Free, a multi-thread resuming/downloading program making downloading very quick.
Download Mage: Size 197 K Feature-Rich, A $12 shareware Download Manager with no Spyware or advertising banners (unlike Gozilla!)
CheckIP v2.01 [3.2M] W9x/NT/2k FREE {Monitor up to five IP addresses} plus a visual representation of each site's status
One way to test your email is to send a blank email to  the mail bounces and brings useful information.    
     Others, not recently tested     TO:      TO:    TO:    TO:      
TO:    TO:  For the last 2 addresses, use     SUBJ: ping
Group Mail Free v3.2.046 [4.7M] W9x/NT/2k FREE {Send an e-mail to many people}You can use mail merge, personalize the subject lines etc
Neotrace Express v3.0 [816k] W9x/NT/2k FREE  graphical Internet trace route utility.  You can also integrate it with Internet Explorer, too
IntelliTamper v2.03 [83k] W9x/NT/2k FREE Browse at your leisure without having to worry about ads, useless links, and other nuisances. Flip through the folders as if they were actually on your hard drive.  It'll also find unlisted files and folders on a Web site.
The Sleepwalker SMTP Proxy v1.4 [337k] W9x/NT FREE - If your ISP restricts your SMTP usage etc
VPOP3 (Shareware) Run an SMTP server locally on your PC

Stripmail v0.99c [256k] W9x/NT/2k FREE utility that cleans received e-mail messages containing '>' or '|' at the beginning of each line

NetSpider v1.22 [964k] W9x/NT/2k FREE allows you to see all the links on a selected page with description and type information, save file and page list for later browsing, drop files from other programs, and resume interrupted downloads

MiniMail v1.0 Beta 1 [127k] W9x/NT/2k FREE Simple e-mail client only sends. It'll be ready to roll a lot quicker than any other e-mail app.

"URL Discombobulator" tool can be used to pick apart any numeric address web site address

Jeremi (free?) is a tool for realtime document sharing, supports distributed work on different documents or files by different people  

WebPage-O-Matic v1.0[1.3M] W9x/NT FREE WYSIWYG editor
Free Counters
Xenu's Link Sleuth v1.0w [203k] W9x/NT/2k FREE checks Web sites for broken links
WebWasher (free) automatically blocks unwanted Web content like banner ads and pop-up windows
em2db v1.0 [5.5M] W9x/NT/2k FREE em2db is used to transfer mail form data into your ODBC-compliant database. It connects to your email account and downloads mail forms; it also connects to any ODBC database.
AllWhoisand also view a comprehensive listing of TLDs (top level domains).
ERC V1.09 r12 [1.2M] W9x/NT FREE Forward your e-mail messages elsewhere
@nyMail 0.99.1 Beta [2.0M] W9x/NT FREE you can check to see if you have mail waiting for you in any one of your webmail accounts
MediaRing Talk 99 [3.0M] W9x/NT FREE With it, you can speak directly with other people (who also have MediaRing Talk 99 installed)
LapLink FTP v1.0.22 [2.6M] W9x/NT FREE New to FTP? You should love LapLink.

ePrompter v1.02 [574k] W9x/NT/2k FREE E-mail notification utility for POP3 and web based accounts gives FREE Webmail access to any POP3 or IMAP4 mailbox, use it all the time when travelling

SurfSaver for WindowsW9x/NT(FREE)- offline web page storage with sophisticated boolean search

UrlTracker v1.00 [458k] W9x/NT FREE Use UrlTracker to record any URL entered into IE's Address bar. It runs in the background and can be password protected for limited access. This way, incriminating log files will remain unseen

iMesh 2.01 Beta [Windows 95/98/NT/2000] iMesh is a file-sharing program, like Gnutella, that allows users to locate and download audio, image, and video files from the computers of other iMesh users. Searches can be conducted using iMesh or through the iMesh Website

Odigo 2.5 beta W9x/NT/2k Instant Messenger cross-compatibility incl. AOL IM and ICQ

Jabber v0.9.5.4 [1.1M] W9x/NT/2k FREE Instant Messenger cross-compatibility incl. AOL IM and ICQ

Bantu - you'll be able to send and receive instant messages to/from ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, and

AOL Instant Messenger 3.5 (Beta) has a new feature called AIM Talk, which allows users to speak over the Internet directly has a new feature called AIM Talk, which allows users to speak over the Internet directly

ICQ 99a v2.13 b1700 [3.9M] W9x/NT FREE

JVDE ICQ Backup v2.10 [320k] W9x/NT FREE ICQ Backup will prevent your important ICQ data from being lost

100MB of web space to share with others on joint projects

Network Assistant v1.9 [1.0M] W9x/NT FREE Draw on shared whiteboard, define alarms on remote events ... an easy way of creating a FREE private (or public) group mailing list, document vault, automatic calendar and more. Even virtual meetings are possible in a chat room.

WebCopier offline browser utility offline +access to sites referenced only from Javascript. WebCopier is free

Jana Server v1.43 [315k] W9x/NT FREE provides a gateway to the Internet using a modem

FREE private (or public) group mailing list, document vault, automatic calendar and more. Even virtual meetings are possible in a chat room.

With this free service, downloaders can have those files e-mailed to them!

File Demon Instead of searching separately at,,,, and,

Shane Brook's Faster and 32MB smaller windows 98 Internet Browser program

Winip v1.0b [290k] W9x/NT FREE gives you a static host name even though you have a dynamic IP address

NetSonic: A web accelerator that tries to speed up your surfing byguessing where you'll go next

Free Pint improving results from search engines, and metasearch sites

combine your bookmarks

AltaVista: Translation FAQ

FILE TRANSFER (FTP) WS-FTP LE (WIN) FREE A highly rated file transfer program useful for updating your web sites

HTTrack is available for Win95/98 and retrieves some or all Webpages, graphics, and files from a remote site and downloads them to the user's local hard drive The software is free, but the donation is requested

Mind-It service. A tracking service that monitors Web pages that you specify and then sends you an e-mail anytime the Web page changes

NeoTrace program for Windows users.  It gives an awesome graphical real-time display of the links from here to there and does color coding for link speeds

If you can't run traceroute from your own computer, the next best thing is to visit this website and find a location close to you so you can see the results of a traceroute from that site to the site you want to check out

The Internet Traffic Report monitors the flow of data around the world.  Visit this page and you'll find a map of the world labelled with numbers between zero and 100

INTERNET WEATHER REPORT This is similar to the Traffic Report, but the data is displayed differently.  This site uses Java to present ongoing animated scans ofconditions within the Internet

Free Email Address Directory

Free Mailing List Service you create a mailing list and manually add addressees or people add themselves from your www pages

NetSonic is a web accelerator that tries to speed up your surfing by guessing where you'll go next.

Dipstick is a little Windows program that helps you figure out the best download site when you're ready to download a file, but there are multiple sites listed.  Just drag and drop the URL to see which download site is fastest

BoostWeb: claims to make you surfing up to seven times faster using a proxy server that compresses web info

Opera 5.1 for Windows a small and speedy browser , one of the few real alternatives to the two majors, free and supported by advertising - Now free to use in advert supported mode or pay $29 to eliminate the adverts

Text, Graphics and image editors and PDF and post script processing

Dasher is an efficient text-entry interface, driven by natural continuous pointing gestures. Dasher is a convenient text-entry system wherever a full-size keyboard cannot be used - for example,on a palmtop computer or when operating a computer one-handed, by joystick, touchscreen, trackball, or mouse.
Dasher is fast, efficient, easy to learn, and free software. houses a free library of the older, simpler, smaller, less-aggressive versions of many popular programs such as Acrobat Reader and media players

ReaConverter Pro v3.2 [W98 and higher] converts a multitude of images at one time, utilizing a command line utility so that users may process images in console mode. Converts images to a number of formats and a sharpen tool, along with effects such as smooth, blur resize, crop, rotate and mirror images

SynchronEX v2.12 [755k] W9x/2k/XP FREE {Syncing files and directories} A command line directory automation tool for synchronizing files and directories, incremental backup, finding duplicate files and empty directories, and FTP.  It is a shell application that's integrated into the Windows Explorer.

SVG Factory v1.0 [216k] W9x/2k/XP FREE {Export SVG files} SVG is Scalable Vector Graphics, a vector graphics file format that enables two-dimensional images to be displayed in XML pages on the Web. The SVG Factory is a free utility that allows almost any Windows drawing or graphics program to export SVG and SVGZ files. It can also be used as a metafile (WMF) to SVG converter. To view such files requires installing a free converter from Adobe. You can learn more about SVG at Adobe's SVG Zone and the SVG Basic Tutorial 

Atlantis Nova v1.0.0.65 [900k] W9x/2k/XP FREE {Word processor} Is compact and can convert graphical images. The learning curve for using Atlantis Nova is small for anyone who has used MS Word. It DOES support .DOC files. There's also a pay for version of the software, but it's "small potatoes" compared to Micro$oft

iEdit v1.0 [440k] W9x/2k/XP FREE {Collaborative editing} Chat with other team members through the LAN or the Internet while simultaneously editing a file together

YANKEE CLIPPER (super-clipboard) can record every 'copy' and 'cut', and stores them even when the PC is switched off, up to a limit of 200 text items, 200 RTF, 200 URLs, and 20 bitmaps. There is also an additional Boilerplate mode which can store standard texts for pasting into documents as required

X-FONTER 3.7.6 (sort out bloated font lists) illustrates the list and shows their file names. There is a generous-sized panel on which one can set up one's own specimen text to see instantly, for example, if a Euro or other symbol is available

xatshow v5.02 [649k] W9x/2k/XP FREE {Slide show and screen saver creator} Create .exe slide shows and
screensavers for the PC, Web, or TV.  No viewer needed for others to enjoy the show. Its features include transitions, cropping, resizing, captions, image quality options, rotations, and reformatting for widescreen TV

Crypt Edit (Freeware) Print preview, configurable toolbars, file window tabs, picture and object insertion, HTML clearing, saving files encrypted and compressed, spell-checker, E-mail with address book, line sorting. Reads and writes MS Word, Wordpad, Word Perfect, RTF, HTML. Imports Excel97. Export to Unix or Mac format

NotePad XP v1.5 [2.3M] W9x/2k/XP FREE {PowerPad}features include word count, customizable date/time formatting, bullets, mail merge, dockable toolbars, no size limit on documents (unlike regular Notepad). You can even have multiple documents open within the program.  Launches quickly.

Visual Thought v1.4 [6.8M] W9x/2k/XP FREE  {Diagramming and flowcharting}  It's rough around the edges, but it's free and it offers a lot for the money

PagePlus v5.0 [11.6M] W9x/2k/XP FREE {Desktop publisher}

3D Canvas v5.7a [7.2M] W9x/2k/XP FREE {3D graphics tool}tools are provided to deform, sculpt, and paint 3D objects. Build an animation by positioning the objects within the scene for each point in time in your animation. The animation scene can be stepped through one frame at a time, viewed in real-time, or recorded to a video (AVI) file for distribution

How to use Internet Explorer 6 to make a XML Editing: A WYSIWYG XML Document Editor 

Addin Favorites v1.0.0.6 [1.1M] W9x/2k/XP FREE organize a Favourites list of your PDFs, bookmark individual pages in documents too

SmartMorph v1.50 [354k] W9x/2k/XP FREE {Graphics and animation} works with BMP, WMF, EMF, JPG, PNG, and PCX images, and outputs animated pictures in AVI, BMP,  JPG, PNG, and PCX formats

E-Mage for Web v1.0.23 [754k] W9x/W2k/XP FREE for creating HTML image galleries from pictures on your computer. It automatically generates pages with thumbnail images that are hyperlinked to the original, larger image

Easy Thumbnails W9x/2k/XP/NT4/Me create accurate thumbnail images and scaled down copies from a wide range of picture formats. Thumbnails can be saved to a Web page using a HTML template that can be customized to create a variety of layouts.

Microsoft Windows Media Encoder v7 [4.3M] W9x/2k FREE {Make Windows Media files}capture live video/audio, capture from a file, or do a mixture of both andrecord your own dialog

EditPad Lite v4.5.0 [783k] W9x/2k/XP FREE {Neat text editor} Different files accessed by tabs, open as many files as you want, with no restriction on size

Texture Processor v1.3 [504k] W9x/2k/XP FREE get practically an unlimited quantity of complex textures in a minimal amount of time

304 Photoshop 6 Tips [360k] W9x/2k/XP FREE tips neatly categorized, for even more convenience, download the PDF file

Learning Photoshop 6.0 is a free online multi-leveled training module consisting of thirteen chapters. The course covers a range of information including how to create new and static images, banners, buttons and rollovers, navigation bars, and Web pages with ImageReady. It also covers the use of selections, channels, and layers, as well as information on how to edit images. From the novice to the skilled, this online course has something to offer everyone

Quick Speller v3.0 [1.0M] W9x/2k FREE {Check your spelling} Word and Outlook Express hook into that same database (as do a few other programs)

Gymnast v3.5 [1.4M] W9x/2k/XP FREE {Make PDF files} even include hyperlinks within your document (registration required) 

icon sushi v1.02 [182k] W9x/2k/XP FREE can turn just about any image into an icon. It's most useful
feature is a transparency mask - which will make the icon's edges appear smooth no matter what is sitting behind it. You can also use this utility to extract icons from EXE and DLL files, and paste from the clipboard at will 

Font Magic v1.0c [2.0M] W9x FREE {Create 3D fonts} It works with just about any TrueType font on your system.  Change size, texture, and orientation

2Flyer Screensaver Builder v2.0 [1.4M] W9x/2k/XP FREE Compile up to 1000 JPG, GIF, BMP, WMF, or EMF images

TexNotes v1.0 [922k] W9x/2k/XP FREE {Save some notes}keeps all of those little notes and reminders in one safe place until you remove them yourself

Open Office v638c [48.0M] W9x/2k/XP FREE to type up a document or complete a spreadsheet. Compatible with Microsoft formats

Free Microsoft Office Substitute (Software) 602Pro PC Suite 2000 - basic suite is free, some add-on features - such as the Print Pack and the Plus Pack - are charged for - includes a Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Photo Editor, and WordArt program 

GraphTablet v3.0 [269k] W9x FREE {graph paper} will generate rectangular, polar, or semilog layouts instantly

HyperEdit v3.02 [804k] W9x/NT/2k FREE a hexeditor for windows. It's made to handle very large files fast -- files so large that no other editor can cope

3D Canvas v4.1 [17.0M] W9x/2k FREE {Render 3D images} imports many popular 3D file formats

EVE v0.93 [50k] W9x/NT/2k FREE {Make line drawings} Even top-of-the-range drawing applications can't do some of the things that EVE can do

ConTEXT v0.96.1a [1.0M] W9x/NT/2k FREE {Alternative text editor} features syntax highlighting for pretty much any program language available 

Qwik Reader v1.0 [720k] W9x/NT/2k FREE {Read without moving your eyes} will scroll text  for you (at a preset speed) past your eyes

VCSLite v1.2 [989k] W9x/NT/2k FREE {See and track file revisions} retrospective utility enables you to save and restore file versions / revisions

EzFoldFx v1.05 Beta [29k] W9x/NT/2k FREE{Compare directories' structures}just drag and drop them from Windows Explorer

Messenger Plus v1.0 [3.5M] W9x/NT/2k FREE (Sends attachments in a universally readable form) No matter what software the recipient has, your files will arrive with a special utility wrapped around the document for instant viewing.

Metapad LE v3.0 RC2 [80k] W9x/NT/2k FREE was designed to completely replace Notepad

EPAm QuickTable v1.0 [794k] W9x/NT/2k FREE {Arrange ASCII info}symbol-based search wizard will help you import files

Pic2Pic v1.1 [340k] W9x/NT FREE {Batch conversion for images}An easy way to convert your graphics to other popular formats

IrfanView [445k] W9x/NT FREE Paint Shop Pro alternative for viewing graphics and converting formats.

Ras2Vec v1.2 [696k] DOS FREE takes uncompressed, 1-bit (black and white) x pixel BMP or TIFF images and translates them into HPGL, DXF, EMF or TXT files. You can tweak and control output in several ways; set the centerline, doubleline, polyline output, scale factor etc

TextExtract v1.0.0 [538K] W9x/NT FREE Instead of trying to clean those error-ridden files by hand, use TextExtract

WinTopo v1.0f [2.0M] W9x/NT FREE import BMPs and spit out DXF counoturs ( only with lines)

Messenger Plus v1.0 [3.5M] W9x/NT/2k FREE{Guaranteed file delivery} No matter what software the recipient has, your files will arrive with a special utility wrapped around the document for instant viewing.

DX-Plante v3.01 [1.1M] W9x/NT/2k FREE three dimensional plants export to the 'DXF' format

GIMP-- the GNU Image Manipulation Program... is a freely distributed piece of software suitable for such tasks as photo retouching, image
composition and image authoring." Although GIMP's roots are in Linux, it's been ported to Windows.GIMP is enormously powerful

Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview or   Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview PDF to Post Script etc

PDFproducer v1.1 [19k] W9x/W2k/XP FREE convert any text file into a PDF document

PDF2HTMLgui v1.2 [288k] W9x/2k/XP FREE {PDF converter} convert PDFs to HTML files - download  the PDF2HTML Windows binary and also the PDF2HTMLgui, which provides a friendlier user interface

html2pdf v0.0.7 [154k] W9x/NT FREE If you need PDF (PDQ), this'll do a quick-n-dirty job

FreePDF creates PDF files from any Windows application, and is free

PlanetPDF a useful resource for everything PDF includes, tools and plugins, articles and papers, information for developers, tips

FreePDF v0.95 Beta [1.4M] W9x FREE allows you to create PDFs just by printing to a "Create PDF" printer (uses Ghostsript)

Free PDF file creator [5.6MB] similar to the paid for JAWS - looks like another printer?

Here and here are some other free PDF file producers

My Clips v1.0 [240k] W9x FREE retain "text strings" and access them from your system tray. Add, remove, or edit entries with a simple click.

AutoTrace v0.27 [1.4M] W9x/NT/2k FREE {Create vectors from rasters}

TxE v8.0 [1.6M] W9x/NT/2k FREE {Fast and flexible word processor}

Icon Collector v1.1 [457k] W9x/2k FREE {Find hidden icons easily} Collect and store them either as ICOs or BMPs in an original icon library
Icon Library Viewer v1.10 [203k] W9x FREE
IconPlanet, loads of downloadable ICONS
MOZCO !garash! Icons

BG_ASCII v1.3 [355k] W9x/NT/2k FREE {Interactive ASCII graphic tool} convert graphics to ASCII art - colour too

File utilities zippers, unzippers, etc

THE Rename (2.9 Mb) W95/98/98se/2000/Me/XP - donationware  Rename files and folders en masse with a number of possibilities and options. You can rename a series of files with a counter: pict0001.jpg, pict0002.jpg, pict0003.jpg... rename files so the prefix is in upper case and the extension is in lower case - useful for people who publish pages on Internet and need to convert file names to lower case. The file attribute changer is a very useful option for anyone using a CD recorder. You can rename pictures with their width and height. You can rename audio files (MP3, VQF, OGG and WMA files) based on their internal tags. You can rename files and folders. If you have a digital camera, THE Rename can use (EXIF) tags that your camera include inside photos 
The program is aslo capable to use IPTC tags from your pictures files 
1-4a rename (320 K) W98/2k/XP FREE - Excellent freeware file renamer for large file numbers.
(One For All) Optional before/after view (Side by side comparison). Insert a any text at any position or replace any text by any text. Process only Name/Only extension/Whole name. Insertion, change of case numbering or renumbering. Special functions for music/mp3 files. Automatically shorten filenames for CD-Rs e.g. 64 characters for Joliot standard. Swap parts within filename.  No installation needed + fits on a floppy. 
Delta (Intelligent File Comparisons) - On the "down side" it still uses a DOS command line. The good news is that its freeware and there is a version for Linux too. In addition to "resynchronizing" when lines are inserted or deleted from either of the two files being compared, it will also do intelligent comparisons of directories, even recursively through many levels
FILExt - The File Extension Source - a file extension description site - Large file extensions and file types resource website, a file extensions database
Unison File Sychronizer v2.9.1 [2.5M] W9x/2k/XP FREE {File synchronization} Can deal with updates to both replicas of a distributed directory structure. When there are conflicting updates, they're detected and displayed while non-conflicting updates are automatically propagated
Siren v1.5 [250k] W98/2k/XP FREE {File renaming} Rename an entire directory of files. A great way to use it is renaming your digital camera files.  If you took 20 pictures of an event, use Siren to select those 20 pictures and rename them event%n.%e. The result is a series such as London001.jpg, London002.jpg, and so on. If you change your mind after replacing the file names, you can Undo.
PropertiesPlus (free) adds functionality to your right-click menu under Windows Explorer to modify file attributes, file extensions, and the time stamps of single files or multiple files
Horodruin v1.0.70.1 [551k] W98/2k/XP FREE a tool to synchronize two or more folders at once. It provides several filtering options based on file masks, access rights, and more. Unlike many other folder synchronizers, it does not use a specified target folder, but synchronizes folders among each other. You can limit copy actions with use of the masks or access rights. It's a little difficult to get started with, but quite flexible once you get familiar with it. The interface provides a preview that shows you which files are synchronized, and which ones aren't.
7-Zip [Free] supports ZIP, CAB, RAR, ARJ, GZIP, BZIP2, TAR, CPIO, RPM and DEB as well as '7Z'  (which is 2-10% more compact than PKZip and WinZip). 7-Zip has "Strong AES-256 encryption"
Advanced Hide Folders v4.0 [266k] W9x/2k/XP FREE Completely hide folders and files on your computer. The hidden files cannot be accessed unless the folders are unlocked with a password from within the program. Also prevents access to your confidential files via the list of Most Recently Used documents etc
ARen v1.06 [1.1M] W9x/2k/XP FREE {Batch file renamer} A nice feature is the ability to view the renaming before pursuing the change. Not only does it do renaming, but also new case (lower, upper, mixed, etc.), remove, list, replace, add, and attributes. You can save the new naming pattern for later use
TreeSize v1.63 [331k] W9x/2k/XP Mailware {Analyse hard drive space}
Disk Image Viewer v0.5 [530k] W9x/2k/XP FREE can browse the floppy and hard drives for images in EXT2 (Linux) and FAT (DOS, Windows) file systems. It can also copy files from the images. It supports EXT2, FAT12 and FAT16 file systems, multipartition hard drive images
File synchronisation tool from Karenware  can be configured to synch any two disks/folder/whatever; overwriting older but not newer files. Optionally, it can synch file deletions across folders too
Check out all of Karen's stuff:
ICEOWS v4.10 [636k] W9x/2k/XP FREE (formerly ArjFolder) is a de/compression tool that
integrates into Windows Explorer and opens ZIP files as if they were regular folders.  Offers built-in decompression for ICE, ARJ, ZIP, GZIP, TAR, MS- CAB, RAR, ACE, Quake 3 compressed files, Internet Mail files (Mime, UUE, XXE, B64, HQX), Java Archive (JAR, EAR, WAR), LZS, LZH, LHA, IMP, and BZ2
EZ Fld Fx v1.2 [38k] Windows (All) FREE  compares two directory structures with sub-directories and sums up the difference in an easy to understand display. You can see which files are not present in the other folder or which ones have been added. Files can be compared based on size and date.
Folder Cache v1.5 Beta [432k] W9x/2k/XP FREE {Windows Explorer add-on} adss a Folder Cache button to the dialog box - currently free, but will become shareware in the future... get it while you can!
Shared Space v2.0 [1.7M] W9x/2k/XP FREE {Visualize your information}  allows you to map out visually the connection between files on your machine. You can add notes and links, along with images to your visual data map
Ghostfiles v2.0 [911k] W2k/XP FREE a file-mirroring application that eats up very little system resources.  EG mirror the contents of a local directory to a network location. You can also use the application to track the files installed during a program installation
Disk Investigator v1.1 [527k] W9x/2k/XP FREE {Restore deleted files}
SbookBuilder creates a standalone HTML viewer executable of a directory and all the HTML, image, and sound files in it. EbookBuilder will compile HTML and Text documents and images in the BMP, GIF, and JPG format in a completely self-standing eBook executable that has all the files included in the executable in a compressed form
PCOPY and PDE (DOS) copy a group of files using the largest file first and then the next largest file that could fit in the remaining available space on the diskette. PDEL could delete read only and hidden files, delete before, after, and between dates, and much more
PDF Explorer v1.4 Beta [1.0M] W9x/2k/XP FREE {Keep Adobe files organized} 
Dialog Box Assistant v1.01 [395k] W9x/2k/XP FREE provides two new boxes to click on: one showing recently used files, and another showing recently used folders, it maintains a list of recently used folders and files for each application you work with
FileZilla v1.9.3 [1.6M] W9x/2k/XP FREE Drag and drop file transfer client (but is it ad-aware like GoZilla?  caution required?)
PolderBackup v2.2 [478k] W9x/2k/XP FREE {file back up utility} zipping and unzipping functionality is included as well
Columbus v2.4b [28.0M] W9x/2k/XP FREE {Document management system}
Floppy Image v1.5.2 [139k] W9x/2k/XP FREE {Burn images of floppies} 
Offline CD Browser v3.1 [2.9M] W9x/2k/XP FREE catalogue your files stored on CD then find that info without having anything resting on your CD tray
Open Subfolder v1.0.2 [207k] W9x/2k FREE  View and open from a cascading context menu
THE Rename v2.0d [2.1M] W9x/2k/XP FREE Rename a series of files with a counter (01, 02, 03, etc.); rename pictures to their width and height; rename MP3s based on their ID3 information; use Natural Sort to list files; remove multiple spacing in names; convert the prefix and / or extension to lower case, upper case or capitalize the filename; invert the letters in the prefix and / or extension, replace the filename with system date or time, the file's date or time, or both; replace the prefix with the file's content; search internal name of TrueType files to rename files ('times.ttf' becomes 'Times New Roman - Regular.ttf'); and much more
DirPrinting v0.8.5 [5.0M] W9x/2k/XP FREE {Print directories} Preview the output before sending it to your printer
UltimateZip v2.6 [2.3k] 9x/2k/XP FREE  will compress and decompress pretty much any archive file you throw at it. There's also e-mail functionality, automatic backups, shell integration, and a batch extractor for doing multiple files all at once (plus a ton of other features).
Replicator v1.0 Nifty, Free "Replicator" creates an exact duplicate of the original files automatically to a schedule - use as a back up tool etc
Boolean search for your HD freeware (460K). Also a free Spanish (20K) utility performs boolean search/replace into binary files
7-Zip v2.30 [698k] W9x/2k/XP FREE support for ZIP, CAB, RAR, GZIP, BZIP2, TAR, and 7z
CloneSpy v1.2 [274k] W9x/NT/2k FREE {Delete duplicate programs}will also uncover older versions of a file, build checksum files from files on CDs
TreeComp v3.7 [1.3M] W9x/NT/2k FREE utility to keep 2 directory trees and the files within the directories in sync
Free CAB-file Tool-  a tool for easily searching within several kinds of compressed storage files, including CABs, ZIPs and JARs:
StuffIt Expander v6.0 [2.3M] W9x/NT/2k FREE{Expand and decode Arc, Arj, Bzip, gzip, Lha, Zip, Base64/MIME, BinHex, and Uuencode
STG FolderPrint v1.01 [1.0M] W9x/2k FREE {Print folders} filter by dates, file sizes or content, also export to ASCII or HTML
Date & Time v1.41 [148k] W9x/NT FREE {Change when a file was created}keep the current date, change the date, or simply have no date at all
Hilitext v1.1 [729k] W9x/NT/2k FREE  will highlight every instance of a word so you can easily scan the page and find what you're looking for
Rname V 3.1.1 FREE can change prefix or extension, change from all upper or lower case and vice versa, insert/replace strings at any location in the name
Rename Many Files (e.g. MP3s) All At Once if you ever have a pile of files that you want to rename in a hurry or for renaming digital camera images, in the same vein The Rename: is part of an entire web ring devoted to renaming and similar tools

GNU utilities for Win32 [2.1M] W9x/NT FREE a complete Unix-like operating system (the GNU system) Includes: libpng, groff, barcode, gd, gif2png, libjpeg, libpaper, librle, libtiff, freetype, libungif, libwmf, netpbm, plotutils, t1lib, ttf2pt1, t1utils, xpdf, diffutils, flex, grep, lnexe, palm, polyglotman, sed, wget, gawk, libjbig, sgrep, hp2xx, psutils, zlib, deroff, bm2font, bzip2, dvidjk, gzip, and enscript

ACVT v1.10 [41Kb]DOS FREE (Archive Converter)

CROA v1.0.0 [270k] W9x/NT/2k FREE {Clear the read-only attribute}a useful tool to use when copying files from a CD-ROM

Type Parser 1.1 [.zip, Windows 95/98/2000, 383K] freeware. Discover wasted drive space, the types of files responsible, and where they reside

EnZip v3.00 r1.1 [1.5M] W9x/NT/2k FREE Snazzy ZIP compression program

File Extension Manager v1.0 [2.5M] W9x/NT/2k FREE {Change file types quickly} dont forget the command prompt and run the "REN" command

Jump To Folder v1.0 [759k] W9x FREE Jump from folder to folder a bit like NCD

WinMerge v1.2 [709k] W9x/NT FREE analyze text files or directories and compare them for differences with an integrated editor and multiple-level undo

Zip central, a freeware winzip look alike

ChangeExt v1.86 [189k] W9x/NT/2k FREE a Windows Explorer extension that will display file extension, size, attributes, creation/modification date etc.

Folder Counter v1.1 [347k] W9x FREE count (and list?) the contents of a folder, including the contents of all underlying subfolders

CatFish v1.9 [115k] W9x/NT FREE{Catalog your disks} takes a snapshot of any hard disk or piece of removable media 

FileVault v1.81 [299k] W9x/NT/2k FREE Places a number of user selected files in a single self extracting / self decrypting executable file

CROA v1.0.0 [270k] W9x/NT/2k FREE {Clear the read-only attribute} Clear read-only bit from specified subfolders and files

Powerarchiver A Freeware zipping program that is 99.9% of WinZip

Codec Commander v1.1 [5.9M] W9x/NT FREE ACE, BH, CAB, GZIP, JAR, LHA, RAR, TAR, ZIP (compression and decompression, along with file type specific tools such as self extracting exe creation), ARJ, ARC, LZH, PAK, PKG, HA, ZOO, GZIP, TGZ, and Z (decompression only)

Path Copy v3.0 [41k] W9x/NT/2k FREE copy short name, long name, file path, and possibly a network path
Piky Basket v1.1 [313k] W9x/NT/2k FREE Streamline the copy/paste process, a mini-queue in Explorer, which you can 'dump' at any time
Replace v1.1.1 [369K] W9x/NT FREE Group edit file names and properties, i.e. replace all occurrences of '_' with ' '. Also change attributes, filename case, and file contents.
ANNOTSX v1.0.0 [266k] W9x/NT FREE After installing this simple add-on, you'll find a new sheet (Tab) when you pull up the properties for a file; you can now make unique notes for each one of your files. Kinda like yellow stickies.
What's that file's function? This page only lists files which came with the original shipping version of Windows 95, but file descriptions probably haven't changed that much with later versions (or with Windows 98)

ViceVersa v1.00 [428k] W9x FREE {Easy file and folder comparison and synchronization} 


Time management, projects, databases and business

GanttProject 2.0 [9.2MB] Windows FREE An Open Source "Free" alternative to Microsoft Project with import/export to Microsoft Project
MasterList-XL Standard Version v1.08 [1.4M] W98/2k/XP FREE {Manage projects using MS Excel) Organize, track, schedule, and complete tasks in one place using MasterList-XL. Using the tool, create a project, business or personal task; add to-dos
Info Angel v1.51 [3.0M] W9x/2k/XP FREE Info A personal information manager (PIM) that combines a notebook, a contact manager, an organizer and a Bookmark Manager into a single interface. You can manage your daily notes, create a database of personal and professional contacts, organize your time, store links to both local documents and the Internet sources. Additional features include alarms, integration with phone dialer, password- protected entries and more.
Elephant Memory v1.0 [1.7k] W9x/2k/XP FREE {Reminder utility} a system tray-based event reminder, with a configuration panel for creating a quick task or event. You can also download a version that comes with the source code.
TimeGen v1.0 [1.4M] W9x/2k/XP FREE {Keep track of time} - lets you add different tasks to its interface, and then you simply click on each task before you begin work
WorldTime v6.0.0.937 [2364k] Windows (All) FREE  desktop world clock with unlimited configurable clocks, each with its own time zone, alarm reminders, a stopwatch, a time calculator and more
Jans Freeware Collection - With HelpTree, you can create problem solving Helptrees. Ideal for help desks, material selection, structured decision taking. Search in tree, modify color and background, record decision taking steps, labels to jump to any node in the tree
Blackadder Organizer v1.0 [4.5k] W9x/2k/XP FREE Keep track of contacts, appointments, and resources
Mark's Adding Machine v1.20 [962k] W9x/2k/XP FREE add up a whole list of numbers, and they'll stay in a list.  There's even a text-to-speech
option so you can have your numbers read back to you. "Supports: spreadsheet and word processor program integration via Windows clipboard 
InfoStore v1.02 [1.9M] W9x/2k FREE supports drag and drop, and uses a tree-like data structure to keep your notes and lists in order. 
Working Time Tracker v1.5.1 [806k] W9x/NT/2k FREE {Time your tasks} You can also organize your tasks into a tree view 
Date Calculator v2.1 [595k] W9x/2k FREE select the start and end dates, and the time difference will be calculated
Days v2.00 [308k] W9x/NT/2k FREE {How long in days} or what was the day of the week on that date
TimeTechnix v1.0 [400k] W9x/NT FREE Keep track of your progress, a time keeper that'll start when you start working and (likewise) stop when you stop
Argentum Infophilia v0.60 [1.7M] W9x FREE database management system designed for maximum flexibility with data entry; the tree-like structure is straightforward and practical. Every "node" can hold an unlimited amount of attributes
DBXtract v1.0 [52k] W9x/NT FREE extracts all mail and news messages from individual dbx files when corrupted
Credit Card Checker v1.2 [569k] W9x/NT FREE {Verify credit card numbers}

Credit Card Verifier v1.3 [1.3M] W9x/NT/2k FREE  try this verifier, it contains a verification algorithm for all those major credit cards

Sip Notes v1.30 [483k] W9x/NT/2k FREE {Post-it-note-type reminders your desktop} the arrows will cycle through your memos

Time Stamp v3.02 [794k] W9x/NT FREE {Track time spent on projects} set the start and end time for separate tasks and it'll do the rest

Time Worked Calculator v2.0 [52k] W9x/2k FREE Keep track of hours worked

Time Keeper v1.0 [1.5M] W9x/NT/2k FREE {Desktop metronome) sit back and watch the colorful dots click away the beat for you

Calendar Maker v2.02 [2.0M] W9x/NT/2k FREE {Print personalized calendars}

iTeamWork: Project Task Management On-line project coordination

Assignment Organizer v2.41 [874k] W9x/2k FREE {End late assignments}Possible schedule organiser too?

Cobasoft Clock v2.0 [66k] W9x/NT/2k FREE up to six alarms. PC's activity in Windows can also be logged

Hazard Calculator v2.01 [338k] W9x/NT FREE geared towards the business world, enter the possible outcomes and tells you the risk

Hobbies, puzzles, crosswords and music

XWord2 v2.01 [1.4M] W9x/2k/XP FREE Help with crosswords

Fractal Forge v2.8.0 [789k] W9x/2k/XP FREE  select a fractal from the list or restore a previously-saved one. Animator creates an animated sequence of pictures. Fractal Forge supports PNG and BMP formats

SmartBee v2.6 [6.0M] W9x/2k/XP FREE a fortune cookie program took with close to 100,000 cookies included 

Scrabble v2.501 [1.5M] W9x/2k/XP FREE you can add your own words to the dictionary. Non-English languages are also available. You can save games, take back moves, and other functions.

Finale Notepad 2002 a nifty musical notation tool offered for free download enables sheet music creation on the computer via user-friendly interfaces, intuitive wizards, and simple icons.  A playback feature reads and plays musical notation, sounding much like a traditional, no frills MIDI player

MP3Gain v0.7.1 [2.0M] W9x/2k/XP FREE {MP3 Volume normalizer}does analysis to determine how loud the file actually sounds to change the volume

Hammerhead Rhythm Station v1.0 [1.4M] W9x/2k/XP FREE a simple TR-909-like drum computer program aiming at the dance-scene

WAV Browser v3.0 [217k] W9x/2k/XP FREE You can edit, delete, and manage most of your sound files using this Browsing application.

AudioToMidi v1.07 [348k] W9x/2k/XP FREE quickly and easily convert an audio signal (WAV) into "MIDI" 

Happy Note! Treble and Bass Clef v2.5 [2.3M] W9x/NT/2k FREE {Learn to read music} you get to fire missiles at the notes

EXIFRead v1.1 [14k] W9x/NT/2k FREE to extract exact camera settings from digital snapshots contain such detailed information

Grow'Em 2000 [2.0M] W9x/2k FREE Exhaustive plant-specific gardening info
One Across {Comprehensive online crossword resource}
CrosswordPlus v2.0.2 [2.7M] W9x/2k FREE Complete or create your own crosswords
Soda Constructor is a wonderful, Java-enabled Web tool that "animates and edits two dimensional models made out of masses and springs."
Cryptogram Puzzle Tool v3.0 [270k] W9x/NT FREE
ID3-TagIT v2.1.0 [4.0] W9x/2k/XP FREE    Edit ID3 tags attached to MP3 files
MP3-Info Extension v3.1b10 [644k] W9x/NT/2k FREE Immediate access to MP3 Information
M3Gate v0.3 [1.4M] W9x/NT/2k FREE Browse WAP-enabled Web sites
Guitar Sidekick v2.0 [3.0M] W9x/2k FREE {Guitarist companion}write tabs, learn chords and scales, includes a tuner and a metronome
Guitar Sidekick v1.1 [2.7M] W9x/NT FREE exposes to the world of chords and finger placement
Notify CD Player v1.51.3 [122k] W9x/NT FREE When you pop in a new CD (and are online), it'll connect to the CD Database and automatically show you the album & track titles. No more typing!
Music 101 v1.51 [64k] W9x FREE Learn to identify musical notes

Odds and ends

VirtuaWin 2.10 [348K] Win9x/ME/NT/Win2K/XP - GNU General Public License - Using a virtual desktop manager is a way to organize applications over several "virtual" desktops. For example if you use two virtual desktops you can put a webbrowser on desk 1 and by using a desktop manager "switch away" the webbrowser and it will seem like you have a new empty workspace (desk 2) to put another application/applications on. Virtual desktops are very common in the Unix community and once getting used to this, it is very hard to manage without it
Weather Watcher 5.4b [Windows Operating System] automatically retrieve the current weather conditions, look through hourly forecasts, keep abreast of severe weather alerts, and take a look at weather maps for almost any city world-wide
This site has 2 classic video games (Pac-Man & Space Invaders) written completely within Microsoft Excel. The games look and sound exactly like the classic games from the 70s/80s
AnaBuilder 2.35.2 [W95 and up] assists users in the creation of stereoscopic photographs, such as anaglyphs (those photographs that are generally viewed through red-tinted glasses). The application also features a conversion tool that allows users to convert a two-dimensional photograph into a three-dimensional photograph. 
St. Claire Safety Sign Builder (web based) automatically makes US style safety signs in PDF format
jGnash v1.6.0 [1.8M] W9x/2k/XP FREE {Personal finance application}  Java-based application for managing bank, accounts expense accounts, and income accounts. When first run, it'll take you through a quick wizard to set up a new account
JDN Speed Typing v1.34 [640k] W9x/2k/XP FREE {Improve typing speed}A concept called multi-press, in which you can press the keys of whole words at the same time and it'll produce the word
Stickies v4.0a [522k] Windows (All) FREE post-it notes program the notes can be sent across a networked and also synchronized with friends, imported/exported, sent by email and more. You can choose to hide or show all notes with a single click from the tray and also recover notes that have been deleted in the past. Stickies can be hidden (sent to sleep) for a certain period, or until a specified date and time, to act as a reminder.
DNoter v2.5 [64k] W2k/XP FREE {Sticky notes} you can set the transparency of the note so you can see items in the background - it will save the location of your notes
Calculators On-Line Center {Calculators} You'll find calculators of every shape and kind at the Calculators On-Line Center.  The collection is divided into four parts: alphabetical categories, math, science, and engineering
Free Calc98 Scientific/Engineering/Stats/Financial Calculator includes a very comprehensive set of conversions, constants and physical property data, a built-in periodic table of the elements, number base conversions, vectors, matrices and complex numbers
XEarth v1.0 [170k] W9x/2k/XP FREE renders a shaded image of the earth on your Desktop,as seen from your favorite vantage point in space
Meazure v1.0 [3.2M] W9x/2k/XP FREE measure an image, icon, or window; magnify a portion of your screen, take a screen shot of any area, and see
what color certain pixels are.  Display a grid overlay on the screen with adjustable grid spacing; measure using a number of units calibrate screen resolution
Universal Ringtone Converter v4.32 [130k] W9x/2k/XP FREE convert a MIDI file into ringtone text in any mobile phone format
Morten's WTeaTime v1.02 [2.0MM] W9x/2k/XP FREE and will work as a regular stopwatch or timer
Language Identifier v1.0 [2.1M] W9x/2k/XP FREE paste text in a strange language and this utility will give you a better idea as to what language it is
XEarth v1.3 [183k] W9x/NT FREE a "live" customizable view of Earth right to your screen.
Scanner Recorder v1.8 [190k] W9x/2k/XP FREE Recorder specifically designed to record speech
Adding-Machine v1.2 [653k] W9x/2k FREE{Add up columns of numbers} 
Monte-Cristo FastLearn v3.0 [476k] W9x/NT/2k FREE enter information you need to memorize into a data file, and this helps you memorise it
Preggers Conception Planner v1.0 [410k] W9x/NT/2k FREE {Help for getting pregnant} 
XL-Plot v1.5 [1.7M] W9x/2k FREE {Scientific data plotting}
Form Pilot v1.00 [438k] W9x/NT FREE Paper form manipulator
CashFlow v1.2 [1.2M] W9x/NT FREE manage what money you do have, it'll even make graphs
MiniBase v2.0b [1.4M] W9x/NT FREE unlimited records (25 fields and 10 indexes) for each table,
fully customizable table creation, flexible searching functionality, filtering options, and basic import/export capabilities
Download The ScanFont Demo Shareware, you get 5 tries free
JR Screen Ruler v1.2 [93k] W9x/2k FREE desktop ruler can display pixels, inches, picas or centimeters-shorten (or lengthen) the ruler to fit
CoolRuler v1.0 [221k] W9x/NT FREE standalone applet which you may move freely about your screen to take measurements (horizontally or vertically). Use centimeters, pixels, inches, or your own system
XEarth v1.0 [170k] W9x/NT FREE Renders a shaded image of the earth on your Desktop and it automatically refreshes the image to reflect the current "position" of the sun
Atomic Clock (WIN) FREE automatically set your system clock nifty little digital clock display that'll float on your desktop, and an alarm feature
Talking Box v1.4 [915k] W9x/NT FREE you can copy any bit of text to the clipboard and your computer will read it back to you
Accelerator & Shortcut Show v1.20 [1.5M] W9x/NT FREE short cut key display utility
Notify US Send messages to any US telephone -  digitized phone call.. Schedule personal and business reminders
PhoneTrack v1.0 [2.4M] W9x/NT FREE Keep track of your phone usage
Phone speller (US) 
Telphone via the internet 
Desktop Games v1.12 [689k] W9x/NT/2k FREE {Silly toolkit for your screen} saw up documents etc

Linux and PC alternatives to Micro$oft

Visopsys is an alternative operating system for PC compatible computers. Under development since late 1997, this system is small, fast, and open source. It features a simple but functional graphical interface, real preemptive multitasking, and virtual memory. You can demo the distribution from a "live" CD or floppy disk.
The Linux Documentation Project site. A resource for all Linux users from newbie's to the most advanced
"Puppy Linux"  describes itself as "blindingly fast, incredibly powerful, amazingly tiny..."  also "a cinch to get running, and has excellent hardware-detection routines. It's an awesome little distribution"
Ubuntu will ship you a bootable Linux CD from which you can boot (into Linux) or you can download an image from the Ubuntu site - either to run from a CD or to do a permanent install - Bit Torrent download is available
SME Server 6.01 For 5 you can buy a CD containing a completely legal, stable, fully featured server software suite capable of networking both Windows and *nix machines, providing email management, a firewall, and RAID server, amongst others.  It also now  includes Windows 2000 and XP domain logon support .  This is a specialised Linux distribution put together by Mitel
Cheeplinux - the cheepest way to buy free software!
From Windows To Linux  (Or, How I Came To Love The Penguin) is a very engagingly written piece, with tons of intrinsic and linked-to information on making the switch to Linux from Windows. Worth a read
Knoppix Linux Cygwin(free) - boots and runs totally from a CD, comes complete with all the current popular Linux apps preinstalled, and is free for the download and cost of a blank CD.  Also a great life saver if your normal operating system refuses to boot.  Should load itself, automatically detect everything, established a network connection, and opene an HTML info page in its browser - other flavours are listed on Google and here are some of them:  U/WIN and  HPA's SuperRescue 2.1.x also Peanut Linux but this installs as a 'directory' in a windows OS  How About Linux On A Single Floppy  for recovery or simple purposes, see:  or (command line only interface of course).
Cygwin(free) is a UNIX environment for Windows. It consists of two parts: (1) A DLL (cygwin1.dll) which acts as a UNIX emulation layer providing substantial UNIX API functionality. (2) A collection of tools, ported from UNIX, which provide UNIX/Linux look and feel
DragonLinux (free) is a complete Linux operating system distribution that has been customized to install on top of versions of Microsoft Windows or any version of DOS
WinLinux 2003 (free limited version) was designed and built to be the easiest to use Linux system. Its installation and configuration tasks are performed directly from Windows using graphical tools
AbiWord 1.0.3 (Windows operating systems and Mac OS X) A bit different than other word processors, AbiWord is a free word processor that is able to run on virtually any platform and supports a wide array of languages.  Perhaps the most important feature of AbiWord is that documents written in the program are readable by any text editor. The available support features for AbiWord include a complete user's manual and tutorial.
Lindows 3.0  Not free but a lot cheaper than XP. Originally the emphasis was that PCs running LindowsOS had the ability to run both Linux and Windows software but with version 3 the emphasis has changed to make it a sort of "Linux with training wheels" to quote Fred Langa.
You didn't ever need Lindows to run Windows on Linux, it was FREE from WINE all the time for those who knew
For some more Microsoft satire, click on this link       
Beonex an open-source distribution of Mozilla 1.0 for Windows or Linux.  Beonex Communicator contains a web-browser an email/news client and a web page editor.  All of this is free You can download all applications for free, and you are even allowed to modify them.
602PC Office Suite 4.0 (21.5 MB) Windows Operating System W98 on. For those looking for an alternative to some of the more mainstream computeroffice suite packages, the free edition of 602PC Suite 4.0 may be worth a look. The package of programs includes a word processor, spreadsheet, photo editor, and a digital photo organizer. Additionally, this application is compatible with MS Office document types, and supports a number of different languages.
OpenOffice  It really does perform the same functions as Microsoft Office, but for free and without any Windows Product Activation silliness. OpenOffice even writes to and reads from standard Microsoft Office files.  It is an outgrowth of the former "Star Office Suite" and will run on almost any PC running any version of Windows 95 or above, or any version of Linux using the 2.2.13 kernel, or higher. It needs just 64MB of RAM, and about 250MB of disk space.
There is now also Sun's somewhat more-elaborate version StarSuite Office 6.0; it costs $76 to download--- not free, but a fraction of the cost of Microsoft Office.  This doesn't have the strange interface that the older Star Office 5.2 had. 
FreeBSD is easier to work with than Linux due to its ports/package system and most importantly the FreeBSD Handbook which is available for free at the FreeBSD website.  You can download the CD Images here  
DemoLINUX allows you to give Linux a try without the installation hassels, provided you can download some 650 MegBytes and can burn a CD. Boot from it, select between different GUIs, connect to the Internet, try out hundreds of applications from simple games to the full featured office suite.  This kind of CD makes also a wonderful Linux-to-go solution
Comparison of Linux Distributions {Linux info page} 
DragonLinux v0.75 [9.4M] W9x/NT FREE You can put this version of Linux on the same partition as Windows! No muss, no fuss
Linuxberg Linux programs and serves as a mirror site for RedHat
Fezbox will enable you to quickly build a floppy disk which you can use to install Red Hat Linux Linux users, both newbies and the more experienced, should find scads of useful information at this site
Corel Linux v1.0 [243.0M] PC FREE + an incredible four-step installer and a drag-and-drop desktop

Reviews and on-line software purchase

BuyinGuide software reviews see what the major print media gurus think about a particular title
What to Buy - computers 
Buy IT OnLine only links to sites that have products and services for sale
reviews edutainment/educational software The Review Zone is an independent, parent-friendly web site loaded with in-depth reviews on today's BEST edutainment/educational software for kids and families, hardware and computer books.

Newsletters, tutorials and software/shareware/freeware libraries

TheOpenCD is a collection of high quality Free and Open Source Software. The programs run in Windows and cover the most common tasks such as word processing, presentations, e-mail, web browsing, web design, and image manipulation.
The Pricelessware list is a compilation of software collected through a yearly vote by the participants of the "alt.comp.freeware" newsgroup. It is a list of what people have voted as "the best of the best in Freeware".
Introduction to Linux: A Hands on Guide [.pdf] explaining key concepts, such as redirection etc.
Software Patches Heaven  a one stop shop for patches and updates. Including downloads for Corel Office, Microsoft Office, and other software giants that has old versions of freeware and shareware programs that you probably won't find on the regular sites.  It's only for Windows and you won't find everything there.  Here is another site for Freeware programs that either went commercial after these versions or were discontinued, or are hard to find or just plain good. You *might* be able to find programs on the wayback machine this is pretty good at keeping copies of web pages and graphics images, but it doesn't do so well with downloadable files
Lockergnome free newsletter for Windows 95/98/NT users
The LangaList  if you are looking for one of the best Windows-related newsletters on the Net
Dr. Bob Rankin's home page (internet by E-mail) 
Chimneygod's tips and tricks - of interest to PC users from Experts to Newbies and offers a personal touch
Best of the Web 2001 -- _PC World_ reveals a number of the magazine's top-rated sites for PC users. Categories include online services, technical reference, Web design, consumer advice, and downloads. 
TipWorld's newsletters 
A 'Who's Who' for programming data. Found an unfamiliar file on your computer? Solve the mystery.
CNET is the place to find hundreds of thousands of computer and technology questions and answers
PC Show and Tell Tutorials for software and Internet usage
Internet Tutorials
Tutorial - finding info on the internet
Internet Tutorials
European Microsoft Windows Academic Centre  European Microsoft Windows Academic Centre
Fax FAQ, Voice FAQ, Internet press 
Java in action Look for scrolling marquee at the top of the page. If it doesn't you may need to fix the Preferences
15 Minute tutorials 
Browser comparisons 
Win 95 free software GRATIS 
Splut Search Result software  has an absurdly large collection of freeware and shareware programs, most submitted directly by the program manufacturers and offers downloads for Windows, Mac, Linux, and handhelds
Pricelessware List - the best Freeware as selected by acf readers or asked/searched in alt.comp.freeware?  This turn ups most programs
ZDNet Software Library - Top 50 Free Utilities of 1998
Software In 17 Categories Carefully-selected software (mostly shareware and trialware) across 17 different categories
Shareware archives 
TUCOWS Software Repository Windows etc software + freeware repository
Finding Internet Software 
Buying operating systems 

Software Exchange and on-line storage

BitTorrent provides downloaders with a way of helping each other - users cooperate in the distribution by exchanging bits of the same file being downloaded and so take some of the load off the server of the original file
"How Not To Get Sued By The RIAA For File-Sharing (And Other Ideas to Avoid Being Treated Like a
)" You *MUST* read this document if you have *EVER* downloaded songs off of the Internet using Grokster, Morpheus, Kazaa, Aimster/Madster, Mactella, Gnucleus, Gnotella, LimeWire, BearShare, iMesh, or WinMX.  Even if you have not used your peer-to-peer program in months, that program may still be running in the background on your computer ... especially if you installed that program using its default settings. In other words, your computer could currently be sharing songs with the entire planet - and the lawyers at the RIAA -- without your even knowing it. That's a potentially bad thing.
LANster vv0.99.3b [143k] W9x/2k/XP FREE {LAN search tool}the search feature works much like the Windows Find function; it allows you to sample files, as well as explore the various connected folders. "It is especially useful at LAN parties. Search for MP3s, game patches, picture files or whatever
meWire enables individuals to search for and share computer files with anyone on the Internet on the Gnutella peer-to-peer network principle and contains a list of MP3's, digital home movies, documents, and other software
Napster -- is it a file-sharing service for music lovers, or a conduit for the illegal distribution?
Gnutella is a file-sharing program supported by a loosely organized group of unpaid volunteers, who make Gnutella "clients" (and source code) freely available for many operating systems
The goal of FreeNet is to allow people to distribute and retrieve information with complete anonymity, and to operate without any central control
More On-Line free disk space sites
Web based disk storage - article and addresses
Free-drive - 20MB of on-line secure storage space see also
X-stream 20Mb of FREE web space 

Scum ware - programs to VERY wary of

Make very sure what you are about to inflict on your PC before you install any of the following:

A piece of spyware called "RapidBlaster" and the most recent variants of RapidBlaster will 'morph' themselves to evade detection
Usability and privacy: a study of Kazaa P2P file-sharing Published on the HP Web site, this report finds that a large percentage of Kazaa users have either accidentally or unknowingly shared their private files with everyone who has access to the Kazaa network
Kazaa - (From Bob Rankin) Let's summarize... to use Kazaa, you MUST install the Cydoor adware plugin (which may target you with popup ads) and the Brilliant Altnet software (which may borrow your computer's unused processor, hard drive, and internet connection resources).  And if you don't pay careful attention during the install process, you could end up with the New.Net, SaveNow, and MediaLoads software - all of which are unnecessary to the functioning of Kazaa, and which may further bog down your poor, tired computer
TopText. It is bundled with a popular [Napster-clone] named Kazaa - more information  lately other stuff is being sneaked in with Kazaa - more info..... 
VX2, a new foistware/spyware that silently installs itself on your PC, monitors your surfing, and sends the results back to the VX2 corporation. (See ) VX2 is part of a class of spyware called "data transponders."VX2 apparently was part of the popular AudioGalaxy download, as well as Onflow, Blackstone, some screen savers, and more. (See,1282,49960,00.html )  you can still get the removal instructions and  lots more information--- stuff that VX2 is now seemingly trying to hide--- from the good people at .
Without authorization, eZula & Surf+ insert software into users PCs, this hidden, secret (and often self-reinstalling) software then takes selected words on your web page and turns these words into links that re-direct whoever visits you onto some other site...
Surf Safari is a "service" of NetZero, a "free" ISP installs a surfing/shopping links program that runs in a small area on top of the browser window


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