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Married to Michele an artist currently working for CAB. One of these days we will get some of her art on-line.

Elder son Poul is now a qualified architect currently working on a web site but he has a twitter presence here Poul Anderson .

Younger son Yan is married to Ruth and this is where he works Foundation Networks (supporting businesses with management and web-based tools and services to maintain their ever more complex partner relationships) .

Family History

Follow this link to Bob's On line Family History Pages


A member of Oxford Sailing Club for over 10 years. Definitely more of a summer occupation at least in this country. I have still not cracked the planing carve jibe althouth the water starts are improving with the repeated failed attempts.
Here are my favourite windsurf weather links:
WindGuru (a Czech site) gives detailed predictions for the week ahead based on models of varying precision, only the 100km grid is free and not delayed 12 hours however, see this one which should be about right for Farmoor Reservoir
XC weather derives real time wind data from airport weather data as well as giving predictions for the next few days. Just roll your mouse over the arrows to see the data for a particular airport.
This site provides excellent predictions of future wind conditions for the UK and much of the rest of the world. The wind data is plotted on a map with colour coded contours of wind strength.
Check out the current thunderstorms in the UK plotted on a map of the UK centred on Nailsworth, Gloucestershire. The detector has a range of 300miles in all directions and the plot page is refreshed every minute.
This Thatcham site provides historical thunderstorm data for Europe over the day and an hourly map of the UK updated every hour.
Bell Ringing
Regularly ring at Marcham All Saints Church but still loads of room for improvement, I am still very much a beginner at this fascinating activity.
We have a web site under development with some information about the bells.
Most recently studying Arabic and before that some German, Spanish and a little French and I used to be quite competent at Lao too.
Particularly if I can practice the local language and for windsurfing in warm water.
Amateur Radio
Licensed since 1970 as G4AEV (also one year in Laos as XW8GN in 1974). Keen on HF and CW but I have not been on the air much in the past few years. The last thing I did was on the BPSK frequency (28.120) in an attempt to make some use of the last sun-spot peak. You may come across me there still running my old FT101E.
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